FC Dallas declines contract option on two players

Major League Soccer announced the list of players elligible for the 2011 MLS Re-Entry Process and two FC Dallas players are on the list, both by virtue of having their contract option declined.

Maykel Galindo and Maicon Santos both had their contract option declined by FCD. Galindo was on a quite affordable $55k salary, but was an injury gamble when he signed and just didn't pan out due to more injuries. Santos on a much less easy to swallow, but by no means obscene, $126K salary just didn't deliver the good of a top line striker.

Clubs may still sign their Re-Entry Process eligible players through December 2. Additionally, eligible players may opt out of the Re-Entry Process between now and 5 p.m. ET on December 2.

The Stage 1 Draft of the Re-Entry Process will take place on Monday, December 5 and the Stage 2 Draft will take place on Monday, December 12. The two drafts will take place via teleconference with all 19 clubs represented. MLS will release the results following each of the calls.

The rules for the re-entry stuff are a bit convoluted, but suffice it to say that teams in MLS can pick up these players at their current contract or similar (stage 1) or get the player with an offer of a contract (stage 2). Clubs may not select their own players in Stage 1. If both stages pass without a player being selected he becomes a free agents.

By the way FC Dallas picks 10th. Keeping in mind most of these players were placed on here to dump their salaries. Yet there are still some names on this list worth a look.