Scattershooting with Schellas Hyndman - 2 new trialists

I caught up with FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman for a few questions after Thursday’s evening session at the FC Dallas Stadium complex. Here’s what he had to say.

What’s the status for Perez, Pertuz, Loyd and Shea? Will they practice on Friday?

Hyndman: We all met Blas [Perez] today. He came into the locker room, so we got a chance to meet Blas. He’s getting his physical and everything, so probably tomorrow morning he’ll be all wrapped up and hopefully he’ll be all wrapped up tomorrow afternoon. As far as Brek [Shea], I saw him today. He’s been gone for three weeks and he’s been doing three-a-days, so it may be an opportunity to give him another day of rest. Zach [Loyd] I haven’t seen but he should be back tomorrow and then Carlos Rodriguez we’re hoping to be in this weekend. Pertuz we’re hoping to be in and then we’ve got a couple of trialists coming in as well.

Will any of them play in Saturday’s scrimmage with Houston Baptist?

Hyndman: Probably will because what we’re trying to do is make decisions and as we make those decisions, we’re making decisions on players that are here and players that are going to stay here.

What do you want to see in Saturday’s scrimmage?

Hyndman: Saturday for me the thing is real simple-who do we keep after Saturday? Saturday’s going to be a decision maker for, 'glad we had you here for a week. It’s not going to work out and move on.'

How do you see Andrew Wiedeman this year? Is he still an option in the back or has he returned to being more of an offensive-minded guy?

Hyndman: I think he’s probably a midfielder, more of a strike force midfielder, forward. That’s what he played in college. You see a lot of people turn players into fullbacks that have good ball skills, real good passer of the ball with good vision and some of them develop and some of them don’t. I think the thing with Andrew is it was going to take longer than we thought it was.

Talk about Jack Stewart and how he might or might not fit into the group of center backs.

Hyndman: We put a lot of time and energy into finding center backs. We’ve got Jack Stewart here. We’ve got Christian Ibeagha here. We’ve got Matt Hedges here. Now we add Ugo here. [Hernan] Pertuz is coming. George [John] may be here. We hope that he’s here. All of a sudden, you’ve got six center backs. I just named all six days. It’s something we haven’t had but it’s going to be competitive for sure.

Ugo Ihemelu has yet to start practice. Discuss his status.

Hyndman: Ugo’s really taking his time to completely feel good. Last year he came back early from that abdominal surgery and what he ended up doing was struggling in the first game of the year. I think what we’re doing is just going a little bit slower, kind of letting him gauge it. Today, we’ve got David [Ferreira] out, Daniel Hernandez out, Andrew Jacobson out. So we’re starting to add on. Now you add on the three that are coming tomorrow-Brek [Shea], Zach [Loyd] and Blas [Perez] and all of a sudden the team is starting to develop into the players we think they will be.

Have any of them [Ferreira, Hernandez, Ihemelu, Jacobson] returned to full practice?

Hyndman: Not as of yet, we’re trying to keep them out of contact by trying to keep them involved.

Talk about the two trialists we could see starting tomorrow.

Hyndman: We’ve got a boy coming up from Argentina, Nicholas Cridani, a second striker, flank type of player. Then I think we’ve got a player coming in from Colombia, a right fullback, a right midfielder, Calimar Mena is his last name. I think those are going to be the two that we know about but there may be two others coming in.