Scattershooting with Schellas Hyndman

I discussed a wide array of subjects after FC Dallas practice on Wednesday with the gaffer Schellas Hyndman and here’s the meat of that conversation:

How did you think Ricardo Villar did against the Red Bulls?

Hyndman: I thought he did very well. I really thought he did well. When you can tell how much you miss someone is when they go off the field. And I thought when he went off the field, we were having a really hard time holding the ball. Secondly, we were having a hard time finding people to get the ball to and third thing was when Blas got the ball, he didn’t have the support and I thought Villar did all those things.

With Brek Shea at U.S. Olympic qualifying, can we expect a steady diet of Carlos Rodriguez at left mid in the meantime?

Hyndman: Yeah, it’ll have to be right now. I think the thing Rodriguez brings to us is he’s a left back, left-sided midfielder and there’s a real nice coordination between him and Jair [Benitez] where if one goes forward and the other one’s comfortable staying back.

Scott Sealy is now running. How long before he’s back in training?

Hyndman: Yeah, I think he’ll probably be coming back pretty quickly. I think this is probably his second week out. We had thought it would be two to three weeks.

What are your thoughts on Richard Sanchez training with Chelsea?

Hyndman: Great opportunity for Richard. As I’ve said before, he’s the best keeper I’ve seen at that age. He’s got a great future ahead of him. We want to give him opportunities to be seen and go on trials. I think Chelsea, reports we’re getting they like him. They want to continue monitoring him, World Cup champion with Under-17s, comes out, trains as hard as anybody. If he’s not going overseas or internationally, he’ll be a player in the MLS.

How has fellow homegrown player Victor Ulloa been doing since returning from his foot injury during preseason?

Hyndman: Yeah, he’s coming back. He’s doing better. We need more games like we had yesterday with the reserve squad so they can get more tests, real tests. If they’re not playing, still the mistakes they make are the same mistakes they made when they were in academy. It’s just that in academy they can get away with it.

Are you finally starting to see Chris Seitz really push Kevin Hartman in goal?

Hyndman: Seeing Chris pushing, I think the reserve game showed it last night. Chris had a good game, was under some good pressure and made some good saves. The goal he got scored on was basically a couple blunders on the defense and he was one-on-one and it was tough. But I thought he made some nice saves as well.

What did you think of Jair Benitez’s performance on Sunday?

Hyndman: Jair I thought was solid. I think first game of the year he might have been trying to do just a little bit too much, but I’d rather have a player do too much than not enough.