Dallas Stars roster outlook/free agents

Here’s a look at the status of the Dallas Stars roster. The Stars have 13 regular players from this season’s roster under contract for next season at a cap hit of a little more than $40.5 million.

Next season’s cap, which is expected to be announced in late June, is expected to rise from this year’s $64.3 level, but then it could go down when a new CBA is implemented prior to next season. It’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Either way, the Stars, who have been spending close cap floor the past couple seasons while waiting for a new owner, now have that new owner in Tom Gaglardi. And Gaglardi is on the record as saying he is willing to spend some money to make the team better.

On the free agent side of things, the Stars have six restricted free agents and five unrestricted free agents.

Here’s a list of players under contract for next season and the free agents. It doesn’t include the forwards and defensemen who played fewer than 20 NHL games this season.

Dallas Stars roster breakdown

The status of Dallas Stars on the 2011-12 roster. Players are ranked by their

cap hit.