Gulutzan: Three games reasonable for Doan

DALLAS -- Dallas Stars coach Glen Gulutzan said right after Tuesday’s game that he thought Shane Doan’s hit on Jamie Benn was a “suspendable offense.” Wednesday night, the league suspended Doan three games for elbowing Benn.

This morning, Gulutzan was asked for his reaction to the suspension.

“I think the league has done a good job -- where it’s us or not -- of certainly making it clear what is a suspension and what is not,” Gulutzan said. “We just had a meeting about three weeks ago with Shanny (NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan) and that’s what it was about, the rules and the clarity. From what they spelled out, I said it was a suspension. You can’t target the head on a hit, and that’s what it was.”

As for the three games, Gulutzan quipped he wouldn’t have minded more games since the Stars are battling the Coyotes for the Pacific Division title and a playoff spot, but he said the length of the suspension was reasonable.

“Of course we’d like more, we’re fighting with Phoenix and he’s a real good player. He’s a pretty honest guy and he’s been in the league a long time,” Gulutzan said. “I think three is probably the way to go.”