Lower ticket prices paying off for Stars

FRISCO -- The decision by the Dallas Stars to lower ticket prices under new owner Tom Gaglardi is paying dividends on the attendance front.

“Attendance has been really good. We’re up over 5,000 a game, paid,” Stars president Jim Lites said. “I don’t know where it would have trended anyway, but it’s certainly trending beyond what we would have expected without having done it.”

Before lowering ticket prices the Stars were averaging 11,470 as far as announced attendance. In the seven home games since the price change the announced attendance has been averaging 15,774. The average over the last four games has been 16,598.

Those much talked about $9 tickets have sold out every time. There are about 700 available and they go on sale game days.

“We had to put them up day of game or they would become fodder for scalpers to get,” Lites said. “The best way to get around that is to put them online day of game, so real fans can get them. It’s been real successful.”

Individual ticket sales are up and the new price structure is helping in other areas as well.

“It’s stimulated group sales and it’s stimulated seasons because it’s creating interest,” said Lites. “We’re hitting on all cylinders. We’re upgrading people from six-packs to twelve. I think people are starting to consider playoffs, when season ticket holders get priority. Generally, we’re really, really happy with all that is going on with the marketing side.”