Cuban talks about his interest in Stars

Mark Cuban talked to Galloway & Company on 103.3 ESPN Radio today about his interest in the Stars. Cuban said he talked to someone who is interested in buying the club about being a minority owner.

"I'm not looking to outright buy the team," Cuban said. "I have talked to somebody who is interested in buying the team and I told them I would try to help them get a deal done. From my end, I like hockey, I'm a fan, but I'm not a hockey guy. l'm not going to lie and pretend I can come in and bring the energy that I try to bring to the Mavs.

"But because they are a partner in the American Airlines Center, they are going to be a business partner no matter what. If I can help facilitate the right deal and a deal that is going to help the AAC, or help get what I think is a good deal done, I will."

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