Vernon Fiddler talks about Kevin Bieksa imitation

When the Stars met the Canucks in Dallas on February 26, center Vernon Fiddler’s imitation of Vancouver defenseman Kevin Bieksa’s angry face became a sensation. It made Canucks coach Alain Vigneault crack up on the bench, was featured on NHL.com and became a YouTube hit. (The video is below)

Well, with the two teams playing again tonight, Fiddler’s Bieksa impersonation is top of mind again. The Vancouver media had some questions for Fiddler this morning and here’s how the conversation went:

On if he thinks about it when he gets back into game mode tonight

“It’s part of the game. Obviously it hurt the caveman’s feelings a little bit. He was talking about it. It’s the game within the game and it’s part of what we do out there.”

Any chance he’ll do it tonight, if given the opportunity

“I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”

When told people want to see it

“Most people do. Their bench got a kick out of it. That says the kind of guy he is.”

Asked if he takes requests

“I do.”

Does he have other faces

“I might have a few out there. We’ll see what happens on the ice.”

Asked to give a Bieksa angry face

“No, you can go to YouTube to see it.”