The Dallas Stars and the relocation issue

When my cell phone rings and it’s an unexpected call from someone with the Dallas Stars, it’s usually not for a social chat. I got one of those late yesterday afternoon. One of those silly stories about the Stars possibly moving was floating around. Not sure how many times this has been shot down, but the gun was being loaded again.

The call from Stars PR was alerting me about a story in the Dallas Business Journal that suggested the team could possibly move under new ownership, and the team wanted to shoot it down and provide some clarification points on the issue. Not that they were worried that I was wondering if this story was true.

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the DBJ story. I’m not sure a lot of people were. It's premium content, so you have to be a paid subscriber to read it online. But if you did stumble across it online, the part you can read for free does mention possible relocation. And if you have access to the full article there is mention plenty talk of relocation and more. So, the Stars needed to respond and here it is.

First, a statement from interim president Tony Tavares:

“Any opinion or rumor that it is even possible for the Dallas Stars to move from North Texas is unequivocally untrue. The Dallas Stars are not moving. The team’s current contractual agreements with both the City of Dallas and American Airlines Center prohibits the Stars from moving.”

Second, the Stars offered these contractual notes:

*The Dallas Stars have a contractual obligation (Non-Relocation Agreement) with the AAC lenders that would prevent the team from being moved until at least 2023.

*The Stars also have a Location Agreement with the City of Dallas that the team could not be moved until at least 2031.

*After that, there is a series of 10 one-year lease options that are designed to be attractive enough financially as to avert the movement of the team to a new facility during that period.

And finally, this from Tavares on the sale of the team:

“While I cannot get into the details of the sale of the team, I can say that the process is ongoing and we are hopeful to have new ownership for the Dallas Stars soon.”