A quick sizing up of the playoff race

Dallas' win over Washington did improve their standing a bit.

First, they moved to within four points of Detroit for the final spot and are 10th in the conference. Monday's game also evened out the games played between Dallas, Detroit and Calgary, which sits just ahead of Dallas. So it's all even headed to the final 17 games of the season.

The problem: Dallas still has to pass two teams to get in the playoffs. And there is a little separation. Calgary is three points ahead of Dallas, while Detroit is four.

It means the Stars need a win in Buffalo (or at least a point) and they need some true home cooking. Dallas plays six straight homes games, starting Friday, that will likely determine their playoff hopes. They've got to get on a roll against some six opponents currently in playoff position.

That will take the Marty Turco who was in net on Monday and a better overall team effort.

Do you think they can do it?