Krys Barch not a fan of Maxim Lapierre, taunting

Dallas Stars forward Krys Barch is making some news during the Stanley Cup Final, taking to Twitter (@krysbarch) to express displeasure with Cancucks forward Maxim Lapierre, and taking issue with the taunting going on in the Vancouver-Boston series.

"I can't stand watching #40 and not even playing the game. I don't know if he has an ounce of man in him. I'd be embarrassed to be his father," Barch tweeted during Monday night's 8-1 Boston win.

Barch was on TSN Radio Tuesday to talk more about his comments on Lapierre and to give his thoughts on some of the taunting that has gone in the series.

"I would not allow my son to do the same," Barch told TSN Radio. "It's absolutely embarrassing. It's too bad right now that the rules in place protect this class of player, [one] that pretty much has no class."

A recap of that interview is here.

You can listen to the interview here.