Gulutzan meets media; players react to hiring

DALLAS -- The Dallas Stars held a press conference today at American Airlines Center to introduce Glen Gulutzan, who was announced at the team's new head coach on Friday.

Gulutzan touched on a his philosophy during a conference call with media on Friday and elaborated on it during today's press conference.

“I believe in three things. You need to be hard to play against, you need to have good defensive structure and you need to have fun playing the game. My philosophy is pretty simple. We’re going to have some non-negotiable items that are going to make us hard to play against. We’re going to enjoy coming to the rink because that’s huge. This is an 82-game schedule. It’s a grind and these athletes put in a lot of time and effort and wear and tear, so you have to enjoy coming to the rink. You get more out of an athlete that way than when it’s somewhere you don’t want to go, like any work environment.

“My philosophy and my entire game is simple: hard to play against, two-way hockey club. I’ve seen the articles and seen some things about defensive hockey. We don’t trap. We don’t sit back. We don’t watch and wait. You’re just a recipe for disaster if you become one of those teams. Today’s NHL is fast, it’s young guys, it’s skilled players and you have to utilize those talents. We’re going to play a two-way game. We’re going to be a hard forechecking team. We’re going to be a hard backchecking team. We’re going to have good structure in our defensive zone. At the end of the day that boils down to hard to play against. With our goaltender and the pieces we have, I think we are poised to be very successful.”

Morrow, Petersen on Gulutzan

Stars captain Brenden Morrow and forward Toby Petersen were at today's press conference and gave their reaction to the team's new bench boss.

"I think from just hearing him speak I think he is going to get the attention of the players," Morrow said. "Players that have played for him have respected him. I've talked to a few guys. I don't know Gully well. I've talked to him during training camp. The guys that played with him in the past thought he was a pretty special coach, and they really enjoyed playing for him. You want to win for a guy like that."

Petersen played a game under Gulutzan when he went to the AHL on a conditioning assignment this past season.

"I noticed he was patient, a calming presence behind the bench," Petersen said. "Obviously through the course of that game there is a lot going on, tough calls and things like that, and I could just tell he was used to dealing with that stuff. You do that over the course of the season that can be a very helpful thing for a team because you are going to go through a lot of ups and downs during a long schedule."