Updates on Brad Richards, Jamie Langenbrunner

Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk told ESPN.com's Pierre LeBrun that he's still working on trying to trade Brad Richards' negotiating rights.

"We continue to chip away here," Nieuwendyk told ESPN.com. "Our intention is to move his rights and hope to do that prior to the draft here."

Of course, Richards would have to OK any trade and there is no indication that his point camp is falling over itself to do that.

Nieuwendyk also said he's interested also interested in re-signing Jamie Langenbrunner, if the price is right. Langenbrunner is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He made $2.8 million last season.

As free agency approaches, the Stars are going to have some money to spend. The salary cap for next season could be around $64 million, which means the floor will be around $48 million. Right now the Stars have more than $38 million committed to 17 likely roster players. That means they'll have to spend a little under $10 million just to get to the floor. It should be interesting.

LeBrun's update on Richards and Langenbrunner is here.