Dallas Stars have six picks in draft

Here's the list of Dallas Stars draft picks in this year' NHL Entry Draft.

1st round: 14th overall

2nd round: 44th overall

4th round: 105 overall

5th round: 135th overall

6th round: 165th overall

7th round: 195th overall

The Stars technically also own a third-round pick (75th overall) in the draft, but right now that will be going to New Jersey as part of the Jamie Langenbrunner trade. It was a conditional third-round pick, and here are the conditions as they stand right now.

If the Stars do not sign Langenbrunner before the draft then New Jersey gets that third-round pick in this week's draft. If the Stars were to sign before the draft (and that is not going to happen) then New Jersey would get the Stars' second-round pick (44th overall).

If the Stars sign Langenbrunner after the draft then the Stars also would swap their second-round pick for New Jersey's third-round pick in next year's draft.

The complete draft order is here.