Stars 2011-12 payroll, cap outlook

Here’s a look at where the Dallas Stars stand right now as far as payroll and salary cap commitments for the 2011-12 season.

A couple of notes on contracts: All the multi-year deals the Stars handed out in free agency were straight forward. Michael Ryder gets $3.5 million in each year of his two-year contract, Adam Pardy gets $2.0 million in each year of his contract and Vernon Fiddler gets $1.8 million each year of his three-year deal.

Loui Eriksson's contract has been shown in many places, including here at times, as a $4.2 million salary this season and a $4.266 cap hit, but those numbers are a little off. His salary is $4.1 million this season and his cap hit is $4.25 million, according to the Stars.

(Updated to included Eric Godard signing) So, with that out of the way, here is a look at the Stars’ situation. Going with a 23-man roster, the Stars have a little more than $50.0 million committed in actual salary at this point. If it’s a 22-man roster it would be more like $49.3 million. Their budget around $51.2 million and that includes some pad to cover call ups for injuries.

As for cap costs, they have $49.8 million committed to 23 players and it would about $49.1 for a 22-man roster. In either case it would be above the cap floor, which is $48.3 million.

Dallas Stars Salary and Salary Cap Roster

The Dallas Stars likely 2011-12 roster with player salaries and salary cap hits listed.