Sean Avery on waivers and the Stars' cap situation

The New York Rangers placed Sean Avery on waivers Tuesday and what happens next with Avery could have an impact on the Stars.

The reason? The Stars still carry a $1.9375 cap hit for the Rangers claiming Sean Avery off re-entry waivers in March 2009.

If Avery clears waivers and the Rangers move him off their roster by assigning him to the minor leagues then his cap hit would come off the Stars' cap hit. That could present the Stars with some issues concerning the NHL's salary cap floor of $48.3 million.

I don't think it is an urgent issue at the moment, especially with Scott Glennie on injured reserve. If he still there when the season starts he would count against the salary cap as long as he is on there.

But it is an issue worth keeping an eye on. When I first asked the Stars about the situation they had checked with the league and were under impression that Avery's cap hit would stay regardless of what happened with Avery. But later in the day there was a clarification from the league and the last word was that the cap hit would come off the books if he goes to the minors. Even after the clarification the Stars seemed confident they could handle the situation.