'Rally belly' gets Stars fans going

Twelve-year-old Jack Milson figured the Dallas Stars, down 2-0 early in the second period of Game 4, needed something to get them going. So when the arena cameras panned to his section, he lifted his T-shirt and started rolling his belly.

The stunt got the crowd laughing and cheering. Seconds later, Jamie Benn won a faceoff and scored to get the Stars on the comeback trail.

“I did it because we were down and I really wanted to win, and we all wanted to win,” Milson said after school Friday. “I thought if I did it, maybe it would get everyone cranked up -- and it did.”

The cameras – both in the arena and on TV – caught him again about five minutes later and Milson belly-rolled just before the Stars tied the game.

By the time the third period arrived, the Stars had added a “Rally Belly” graphic, complete with a "Goonies" reference. The crowd gave Milson a rousing cheer, and the Stars ended up with two third-period goals to even the series.

The Stars reached out to Milson’s mother, Cara, the next day and gave Jack two tickets to be sure that the good-luck charm will be at American Airlines Center for Game 6. In fact, the entire family is going, including Milson’s dad, Stewart, and brothers Harris (14) and Walker (7), who can be seen in the video with Jack.

And Jack now has his own Twitter account -- @starsrallybelly – with a little less than 200 followers in just a day.

“My friends just laugh about it and they think it’s funny,” Milson said. “They think it’s really cool."

All three Milson boys play hockey and have attended a handful of games this season. Jack Milson said he’s been shown doing the belly roll on the big screen at the arena a few times this season before Game 4.

Cara Milson said the family has had T-shirts made with “#rallybelly” on the front and “Go Stars” on the back. It’s a “Victory Green” color, of course.

“I think they have a good chance of winning the Cup,” Milson said.

If they do, he’ll be belly-rolling into June.