Valley's scouting report on Campbell

LOS ANGELES -- Stars goal coach Mike Valley can't wait to work with Jack Campbell more often. Valley worked with Campbell for three days last summer and kept in contact with him for much of the last season. Here are Valley's thoughts on Campbell as he breaks down the type of player he is on the ice:

"He’s very composed, extremely quick and good on his feet," Valley said. "He can get from A to B and have proper positioning. He reads the play really, really well. He’s far beyond his years when it comes to that. The things he needs to work on is, much like all the young goaltenders, is utilizing his size, not overplaying situations. He’s really acrobatic, but sometimes it’s about controlling yourself and not overplaying situations. You want to always put yourself in a position to make that second and third save. He has that ability, but that's an area we're going to be working on a lot."

Valley couldn't stop talking about Campbell's work ethic. It's a big reason that scouts are convinced he is going to be such a solid goalie.

"He’s one of those kids that comes along once in a while that's a great person to have in your organization and will go through the wall to do whatever he can to make sure he develops and lives up to expectations," Valley said. "In my mind, from the goaltenders that I've worked with at his age, he’s at the top with his work ethic.

"Anybody that’s talked to him and seen him understands he's really special. He is such a mature kid for his age. Our scouts earlier said they would take the best player available, no matter what. That's what they did."