Hicks talks about the Stars without Modano

Stars owner Tom Hicks addressed Mike Modano's departure on Tuesday. Here's some of what he had to say:

"It was a tough decision for Joe to make," Hicks said. "The Stars are moving forward with a young team. For me, I can't imagine there will ever be another Star like Mike Modano in the next 50 years. He built hockey here and played at such a high level for so long."

Hicks admitted that he didn't think Modano would play until the end of his current contract.

"He surprised everyone," Hicks said. "He's in great shape and kept playing all the way through. I think Joe is trying to allow the younger players to take more of a role and Mike's stature may have made that difficult. But he's a tremendous Star. The 18,000 that cheered him that final home game know that. They understood."

Hicks said he was grateful for what Modano did for the city and the franchise.

"I know that I'll only think of him in a Dallas uniform, no matter where he goes," Hicks said.