Which goalie would you start tonight?

Stars coach Marc Crawford has not announced his decision about a starting goalie for tonight's game against Montreal. Let's face it: The Stars are in desperate need of a win at this point.

So with that in mind, who do you trust in nets for tonight's game? Marty Turco looked really good in Sunday's 2-0 loss to Columbus. If he hadn't played so well, the Stars never would have stayed in that game as long as they did. But two days later, he looked pedestrian against Philadelphia. The defense in front of him didn't help, but he didn't come up with the big saves when needed and things fell apart. Alex Auld came in for most of the second period and the third, but the damage was done.

The decision Crawford faces is whether to throw Auld back out there, coming off his relief duty, or insert Turco back in the lineup. That's not an easy call at this point, is it?

I'd go with Turco. The bottom line is this team can't go on an extended run without him. And I'm just not sure Auld can put a team on his back and do it, are you?

It's a tough decision. What would you do and why?