Are the Stars' playoff hopes over?

That was a question I got from some of you during the in-game chat Tuesday and via email. The short answer is no. There's too much left in the season to make that claim definitively.

But is it beginning to feel like it? The reality is the Stars may look back at this stretch of road games as the point where the climb toward the final spot got a little too difficult. Dallas is 1-8-3 in its last 12 road games.

On Sunday, they got great goaltending from Marty Turco, but couldn't score any goals in a 2-0 loss in Columbus. As has been the case all season, the Stars can't seem to carry any momentum. Turco didn't get much help in front of him on Tuesday, but also wasn't nearly as good as he was Sunday. The Stars, once again, had trouble scoring. The result: another road loss.

So Dallas has one more game on this road trip -- in Montreal on Thursday -- before returning to the AAC to face Detroit and Minnesota. Then they head to Vancouver, Edmonton and Colorado. That's a lot of games against teams near or below them in the standings. Those are the games they need to win to keep at least in range of that playoff spot.

To get the postseason, Dallas has to go on an extended winning streak. They haven't done it all year. Now is the time to start. If not, we'll likely look at the road games the last month (and these last few games, specifically) as the beginning of the end.

Do you think it's over? Can the Stars climb out of this?