Quotable: Crawford on Desjardins

I just talked to Stars head coach Marc Crawford, who is in Rome, about the hiring of Willie Desjardins as associate coach. Here's part of what he had to say.

"There are two things that stand out to me. One, is the honesty that he holds as a person and the total hockey guy that he is. Being a hockey coach for so long, being a great recruiter, being great with personalities and understanding the decisions that have to be made as a head coach. I think from that standpoint he'll be invaluable. I talked with Pat Quinn who worked with him at the World Junior program and he thought that his input as an assistant was just terrific. Mike Johnson (former Crawford assistant), who knows him tremendously well, told both Willie and myself that he thought the relationship would be just great, and he believes our chemistry will be terrific. I think it's those two qualities - the fact that he's been a head coach, he understands the decisions that have to be made and he understands he has to give input. That's what I am looking forward to is the valuable input he will bringing us."

More from Crawford and Desjardins later today.