A look at the Stars' playoff chances

Mark Stepneski, over at Andrew's Stars Page, recently looked at the playoff race and what the Stars must do to earn the eighth and final spot.

If you take the eighth spot (no matter which team is slotted there at this point) and look at the projected points, you find that 97 points is probably going to be the eighth spot. Dallas is on pace for 89 points -- a pace, by the way, that would make the playoffs in many seasons. They need approximately 11 more wins than regulation losses in their final 37 games to make the postseason.

That's asking a bunch. What it means is the Stars must do something they haven't done all season: Go on an extended winning streak. They need to start soon, too. The season is past the halfway point and things won't get any easier after the Olympic break, with a game every other night in March.

Do you think the Stars can pull it off? If they can, it will take more performances from Marty Turco like the one he had Sunday in Columbus. I'll be interested to see how he does tonight.

By the way, join Mark Stepneski and myself for a live in-game chat tonight as we watch the Stars take on the Flyers. The festivities start at 6 p.m.