Ott ranked 3rd among all-time agitators

TSN put together a broadcast on hockey’s top 10 agitators of all-time, and Stars forward Steve Ott ranked third.

“He infuriates guys. He’ll say things that are cut-throat,” former Star and current ESPN hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby said on the TSN broadcast. “He’ll finish every check, he plays very hard, he’ll fight and we’re seeing he can score goals.”

Barnaby knows something about the art of agitating. He was the master and ranked No. 1 on TSN's list of agitators.

A couple of other guys who played briefly for the Stars made the list – Sean Avery and Claude Lemieux.

It’s an entertaining program and you can watch it here. It’s about 22 minutes long and Ott’s segment is about 13:30 into the broadcast.

Barnaby’s segment is great. It includes a classic video clip from his time in Dallas.