Quotable: Mike Modano on signing with Detroit

The Detroit Red Wings introduced Mike Modano this afternoon at a news conference, which also included team owner Mike Ilitch and GM Ken Holland

Here's a quote from Modano as he talked about returning to the Detroit area to play for the Wings.

“I don’t what to say or where to begin. First, I have to thank Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch for giving me an opportunity as a 10-year-old or 11-year-old to be part of the Little Caesar’s program. I need to thank them for my start in hockey, to have an opportunity to play in Joe Louis as a kid and grow up watching Reed Larson, Dale McCourt and all those guys back in the day. I had a phenomenal childhood and I had a decision to move on and play. To have conversations with Ken [Holland] and Mike Babcock to have an opportunity to play some more and extend my career, I just really didn’t know what to do. I thought I was emotionally and mentally finished with the game after last year. The last little while in Dallas has taken a toll on me in those aspects. Coming here to visit with these guys and talking with them certainly does get you excited about the opportunity that is here - the players they have here and the way they are operated. Everybody in the league has been chasing the Detroit Red Wings for years, but nobody has come close. I’m just elated. It’s exciting to come home.”