Quotable: Mike Modano on decision making

Here are a couple more Mike Modano quotes from his news conference in Detroit today.

On being mentally drained and taking his time to make a decision to play again

“I think that’s where a lot of the delay came and people’s patience were getting a little worn out. I just needed some time. I didn’t know where I was mentally. I just needed some to time to get away. If Detroit didn’t come calling I think I was done, I think I was going to retire. I just didn’t feel like there was any sense in going anywhere else playing just to play. Talking to Ken [Holland] and Mike [Babcock] and players who have been here and friends who have been here and their experiences here, it just added up to me giving it a shot again and get really excited about it.”

On the role his wife Willa Ford played in his decision, and the reaction of his parents

“She (my wife) was probably the No. 1 fan pushing me towards playing. She wanted me to play. She wanted me to go do Detroit. And for some other reasons like the opportunity to go back and play against your former team and to prove to a lot of people that they’re wrong – you still have some hockey left in you and you can still play. I told my mom that Ken Holland called about me playing in Detroit and she was pretty shocked and ecstatic about it. She couldn’t believe it. They (his parents) weren’t going to believe it until they are watching this now.”