Winter Classic in Dallas? One vote, but for wrong reason

NHL blogger Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com has expressed his desire to have the Winter Classic held in Dallas. But he has a totally selfish reason, as he's a big Dallas Cowboys fan.

Here's a give and take from his weekly blog:

UnbiasedSportsFan: My rant: Pierre Lebrun is a Dallas Cowboys fan! What's up with that? I thought we were cool. Both Canadian. Both hockey fans. Both with body types no longer made for hockey. Both like Def Leppard. You're plugged my rants quite a bit lately ... and then I see you wearing a Star toque and reading that you want the NHL Classic in Dallas because you're a diehard Cowboys fan. HARSH! I'm thinking of breaking up with you, and you probably never even knew that you had me. In a platonically journalistic sense, of course. Go Eagles! (Any given Sunday, well, Saturday at 8 p.m.)

My take: Sorry, bro; I've been a diehard Cowboys fan since 1980. Fell in love with Tony Dorsett has an eight-year-old. As for Saturday night, I find it hard to believe the 'Boys can beat the Eagles three times in one season, but given the shellacking my team gave your team Sunday, it may just have to happen. :)

How about that? Ready for outdoor hockey in Big D? Think the annual New Year's Eve game can be held outside at Victory Park before the big festivities? Or maybe Jerry Jones can install the world's biggest air conditioner (if it isn't already) and crank that baby up for a NHL-NFL doubleheader inside Cowboys Stadium?