Owner speculation: Doug Miller

Those of you that follow youth and minor league hockey in the Dallas-Fort Worth area know the name Doug Miller. He's been a stalwart when it comes to developmental hockey in this area, going from a fan to an owner. He currently owns the Allen Americans, the Stars' CHL affiliate, and still owns the Dallas Stars AAA Midget team.

Miller was interested in buying the club the last time Tom Hicks put the team up for sale, in 2002. Hicks decided not to sell after he didn't get the value he wanted for the franchise. Plus, the NHL was just a few years away from a lockout.

So is he interested in joining (or leading) a group to purchase the Stars this time? I talked to Miller by phone Thursday afternoon and asked him.

"I have no comment," Miller said.

OK. And no one, including Mike Modano, is saying who it was that Mark Cuban talked to about a minority ownership in the team, either. Modano is also interested in getting involved with an ownership group.

But Miller is a hockey guy and he's local. He knows plenty of folks in the area and certainly could look into forming an ownership group. And his experience in owning the other clubs couldn't hurt if he jumped into this process.

Of course, he's got a day job to worry about, too. He's in the oil and gas business as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Exco Resources, Inc., which counts T. Boone Pickens among its directors.

Anyway, it's a name to keep an eye on as this process gets going. And things have just started as Hicks Sports Group hired an investment adviser to find new investors, including the possibility of selling majority stake in the club.