Quotable: Crawford on Langenbrunner

Here are some quotes from Dallas Stars coach Marc Crawford on the team's acquistion of Jamie Langenbrunner from New Jersey for a conditional third round pick.

Coach Marc Crawford: "It's terrific for our guys. We've played very well to this point in the season and I think our players will view it as we are viewing it - it's a great addition to our club that helps us. It makes us a better team. You've got a guy that is familiar with Dallas and familiar to a great many of our fanbase. On the other side he is a quality leader, a captain of not only of his own team but he was captain of the U.S. Olympic team last year. He's a guy with vast playoff experience. If you're talking about a shot in the arm, we've gotten a tremendous one here today and we couldn't be more pleased than to have Jamie Langenbrunner on board. We happen to have No. 15 open and it's great that it is. He'll be a wonderful addition to our club."

Crawford on where Langenbrunner fits: The fact that is a right shot, he will play on the right wing. As to where he is going to play, I would think he would probably start with [Steve] Ott and [Adam] Burish or Ott and [Tom] Wandell, something like that. As far as special teams, he's got the ability to kill penalties and he's got the ability to play on the power play. In the past he's played the point on the power play. Those are all areas that add to our depth."