Brad Richards on how he feels physically

FRISCO, Texas -- Brad Richards talked more than just trade talk on Monday (but you can read all about that trade talk here). Here's what he had to say about his health (he's missed six games with concussion-like symptoms):

"I've been day to day, really. The way it happened, there's been nothing anybody has told me you're not allowed to do. Unfortunately, it lingered longer than I thought. For two or three days, I had a sore jaw and I wasn't sure if the headaches were from the jaw or the actual head injury. I haven't had any terrible days, but the awareness is there right now and I've talked to people like Sid (Sidney Crosby) and people who have had them, and the Stars have too. They've been pushing the same things I've been pushing, and we're on the same page with that. It's unfortunate, because I want to be out there. That would be a perfect world, but health is more important.''