Nieuwendyk: "I like our group."

Stars general manager Joe Nieuwendyk said he talked to several teams and that there were players he and his staff were interested in, but the right deals didn't come together.

"We had some conversations the past few days with some teams and had a little bit of interst in players we thought could help us," Nieuwendyk said. "But at the end of the day, it didn't make sense from our standpoint."

Nieuwendyk was disappointed with his team's play against the Kings on Tuesday.

"Every game gets magnified because of the urgency," Nieuwendyk said. "Sure, we were disappointed. I think if anything hopefully it’s a wake up call to our team that we don’t have time anymore to have lackluster efforts. That’s the message that came out of last night. They played a pretty good road game. I thought we had some people that weren't quite ready coming out of the break."

Nieuwendyk didn't let what happened on Tuesday impact how he approached Wednesday's trade deadline.

"You can’t make decisions day-to-day," Nieuwendyk said. "It’s about the big picture and we’re trying to stick with that plan. It’s challenging because we’d like to be sitting on a stockpile more of picks like some teams have, but that’s the reality of where we are right now. I’m not disappointed in what transpired today. I like our group.

"I think our group has an opportunity here being in the position we’re in to make some noise if we get back on a roll again here."