Fowler, Gormley go right after Stars pick

LOS ANGELES -- You can bet that hockey folks will be keeping an eye on how Jack Campbell, Cam Fowler and Brandon Gormley develop over the next few years. Same goes for Dustin Forbort.

The Stars had the chance to take any of the four with the No. 11 pick and they chose the goalie. I haven't had a chance to talk with Tim Bernhardt or Joe Nieuwendyk yet, but I can bet the Stars felt like Campbell has chance to be a true elite goalie and they couldn't pass it up.

But in doing so, they left three solid defenseman on the table. And it is an area of need within the organization. Fowler went to Anaheim with the very next pick and Gormley followed him. Forbort went to Los Angeles -- to big cheers from the crowd -- at No. 15 (the Kings swaped first-round picks with Florida).

So we'll watch and see how it all shakes out. But in talking to a few folks here on the floor, many teams were high on Campbell.