Quotable: Bettman on Dallas Stars sale

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Saturday that there are a half dozen parties interested in buying the Dallas Stars.

Bettman spoke to the media prior to Saturday’s NHL SuperSkills competition in Raleigh. In his opening statements, he briefly touched on the situation surrounding the Stars. He said the league is not funding the team and said that the appointment of Tony Tavares as interim president is to keep the team running smoothly and help the sale process along.

Here is what Bettman had to say about the sale on the Stars Saturday:

“Dallas, everybody's well chronicled the difficulties that ownership has had. The league is not - I repeat - not funding the club. There's an orderly sales process underway with probably half a dozen interested parties. Tony Tavares has been installed to keep things operationally sound, helping the sales process and make sure that the franchise continues to conduct business in a first class way in the ordinary course.”