Tony Romo fires high heat for first pitch

ARLINGTON, Texas – Tony Romo had a question for reporters when he sat down in front of the microphones in the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington interview room.

“Anyone get the speed of that pitch?” Romo asked with a grin.

The Cowboys quarterback brought the high heat when he threw out the first pitch before Wednesday’s Mariners-Rangers game. OK, heat might be stretching it, although scoreboard radar gun wasn’t on at the moment. But Romo, sporting his Starter gear and working out of a full windup from the pitcher’s rubber, did throw a high fastball.

Rangers reliever/Cowboys season-ticket holder Mike Adams, who put on a blue Cowboys cap to serve as Romo’s personal catcher, had to come out of his crouch to catch the pitch. Romo said he warned Adams that might be the case.

“Usually if it depends on my right arm doing something right, we should be OK,” Romo said. “We did all right.”

Romo hadn’t pitched since his days as a Little Leaguer in Wisconsin, focusing on football, basketball and golf in high school. He took a couple of warmup tosses in the batting cages before taking the mound in front of a crowd of around 45,000.

Romo said he goes to a couple of Rangers games each season, but this is the first time he’s thrown out the first pitch. He enjoyed meeting several Rangers, signing autographs for some, in the home clubhouse before the game.

“They’re unique. They’re fun to watch,” Romo said. “They’re a great team. It’s funny. I was in the locker room and saw a bunch of the guys, and you feel like you know them even though you never met them. That’s the way they come across to people. It makes you root for them. It’s a team that you really enjoy watching. I’m behind them.”

While this was Romo’s first pitch debut, he has been in the spotlight at a big league park before. Romo sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field a few years ago.

It’s safe to say that Romo is a better pitcher than singer.

“Yes, I would assume that,” Romo said. “I’m really a good singer, but …”