David Murphy thankful for time in Texas

David Murphy was officially introduced as the newest outfielder for the Cleveland Indians on Monday and heaped praise on the Indians organization, but also on his time in Texas.

Murphy said he was not offered any kind of firm contract from the Rangers prior to the 2013 season, though the two sides discussed the possibility. Murphy said that once he had a phone conversation with general manager Jon Daniels after the season, he got the sense that his best course of action was to try to find work with another team.

Murphy said Texas was the "perfect" opportunity for him to show he could be a reliable outfielder at the big-league level.

"I'm extremely thankful and feel extremely blessed every day I wore a Texas uniform," Murphy said. "I was trying to get my foot in the door and earn a full-time big-league job. At the time, the Rangers weren't a great team and there was a lot of opportunity for young guys. We only got better and better each year. The only thing that would have made my time in Texas completely perfect is winning those World Series or winning one of those World Series. But most players don't have the chance to play in one World Series, let along two."

Murphy struggled in 2013, hitting .220 with a .282 on-base percentage and .374 slugging percentage. All three of those were career lows. He said he tried to add power to his game instead of "being himself" and that it impacted his season.

He also admitted that he learned a lot about social media in that his daughter, Faith, broke the news at her daycare and when Murphy confirmed to some parents and teachers, it hit Twitter. Murphy said Faith was talking about Pilgrims and Indians as part of Thanksgiving and that's when his daughter mentioned her dad was going to play for the Indians.