Rangers will miss Omar Vizquel

ESPNChicago.com reported Friday that the White Sox are close to signing Omar Vizquel to be a backup middle infielder for the 2010 season. The White Sox should have Mark Teahen playing third with Alexei Ramirez at shortstop and Gordon Beckham at second. Vizquel could fill in for any of those three.

The Rangers will certainly miss Vizquel, a future Hall of Famer. He was a reliable veteran who still has a great glove and could play in various positions. But more important than that, he was a sounding board for Elvis Andrus. Vizquel helped guide the rookie shortstop through his first season, giving him advice when needed and answering any questions. Vizquel said Andrus impressed him during the season and expects him to only get better.

Texas will have to find another utility player. But it's doubtful they can get someone like Vizquel.