Rangers should consider Ben Sheets ... if affordable

I've received a few emails asking about Ben Sheets and whether the Rangers should be interested. I think they should be. Of course, the question is whether they can even afford to even kick the tires. And we may not know that until the ownership question is resolved. I know it's a longshot with the club's financial situation, but the idea intrigues me.

Sheets, 31, opted for surgery to repair a torn flexor tendon and hasn't pitched in 14 months.

Just like last offseason, I'm still interested. Why? Because I believe it's a chance to get a guy that, when healthy, can be a No. 1 starter. How often do you get that chances? And because of the injury concerns, it could be decent price and a contract partially based on performance incentives. He's 31 and must prove he's healthy. I'm sure he'll throw for some teams soon to drive up his market value.

The fact that he lives in the Dallas area and was rehabbing in Arlington can't hurt the Rangers' chances. He also has a great relationship with pitching coach Mike Maddux and he did have a deal in place with Texas before last season until he failed a physical.

He could be way out of their price range, but they've got to at least take a look at Sheets and see if they can't get creative.

Do you agree or disagree? Is he worth bidding for coming back from surgery?