More trade talk about Millwood

INDIANAPOLIS -- It's difficult to get through the lobby this morning without hearing buzz about Rangers pitcher Kevin Millwood.

But it's unclear how interested the Rangers are in moving him. General manager Jon Daniels has always taken the approach that he'll listen to what other teams have to say. And why not? That's the smart way to do business.

Right now, though, Millwood is the only true veteran on a pitching staff full of young players trying to make their way in the majors. The deal would have to be a good one -- and include another team taking most of Millwood's $12 salary for 2009 -- for it to make sense. I don't think the Rangers will simply dump Millwood's salary.

So I'm just not sure how realistic it is that Millwood, who won 13 games for the Rangers last season, gets moved. Obviously, getting rid of some of Millwood's salary would give the Rangers some more flexibility to go after a higher-level right-handed bat (like Vladimir Guerrero, who is someone they are interested in but may not be able to afford. But the Rangers would then need to find a veteran pitcher to help anchor the starting staff. And that wouldn't be easy.

Would you trade Millwood or keep him in a contract year?