Millwood continuing to receive interest

INDIANAPOLIS -- Several clubs have talked to the Rangers about Kevin Millwood, who will make $12 million this season in the final year of his contract. And there is certainly some interest. That list includes Baltimore (but that deal may have faded some) and, according to various reports, Arizona. It doesn't appear the Mets are interested at this time. Texas would look at getting some pitching prospects in return.

Should the Rangers move Millwood, the club could use some of the money saved from the trade to get another veteran starting pitcher, possibly Ben Sheets or Rich Harden. Both are coming off injury concerns. Word is that Sheets hasn't thrown for teams yet and getting medical records on him isn't easy right now. That could be an attempt to wait to see if the market goes up later this offseason. He spent 2009 rehabbing from surgery in Arlington. The Rangers had a deal with Sheets last offseason before he failed a physical. Harden was shut down in Sepetember because of shoulder fatigue.

The team also needs a right-handed bat and some of the financial flexibility from getting rid of Millwood's salary could go toward names like Vladimir Guerrero or Jermaine Dye, both players the Rangers are interested in.