Rangers want to talk to Sheets' agent

INDIANAPOLIS -- Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said he is trying to set up a meeting with Casey Close, the agent for pitcher Ben Sheets. The Rangers would like to meet with Close before the winter meetings end to get an update on how Sheets is progressing after elbow surgery.

The club had a deal in place with Sheets last offseason, but he failed a physical. Sheets had surgery and missed the 2009 season. He did his rehab work in Arlington with Dr. Keith Meister, the club's team physician, during the season.

"Like we would with any player, we want to find out where the player is physically," Daniels said.

Daniels said that the normal homework process is to see a pitcher throw and looks at the medical records.

"Those are typically the types of things you want to do on a guy that is coming back from injury," Daniels said.

Sheets, 31, could be looking for a similar deal to the one he had in place last season, which was some guaranteed money and some incentives for innings pitched and other benchmarks to prove he's healthy.