Ownership deal is a good one for Rangers

Tom Hicks picking the Chuck Greenberg-Nolan Ryan group was the best possible outcome for Texas Rangers fans.

It means the two sides have 30 days to get all the details worked out and then get approval by MLB and Hicks Sports Group's lenders. But I can't see any of that being a problem.

The deal allows Ryan to stay on as club president. It was difficult to imagine this club moving forward without him running baseball operations. And it would have been a public relations nightmare for the team and the league if he wasn't. That isn't a concern now.

Hicks gets to stay on and own part of the team. I know many Rangers fans aren't happy with Hicks. I get that. He's made mistakes, no doubt. But remember: It was Hicks who was willing to show patience and subscribe to the "build the farm system" plan the last few years. He also hired Ryan. If you owned this team through all the last-place finishes, would you want to give it up now that the club is showing signs of being legitimate contenders for at least a few years?

Greenberg is expected to run the club as general managing partner with a board of directors. He and Ryan will lead that board. Greenberg has a reputation as someone who understands marketing and how important the fan experience is to a baseball game. Don't be surprised if he pumps money into the stadium for a few more upgrades in future seasons (let's start a petition for a bigger video board). We'll see if the team's budget changes this offseason and if general manager Jon Daniels is given more money with which to work. None of that can even happen until the process is complete.

But the bottom line is a new owner with a group of local investors should be on the way. And Ryan will continue to set the club's direction. Those are good things.