Young excited about Harden (and other stuff)

Rangers third baseman and team leader Michael Young was disappointed to see that teammate Kevin Millwood was traded away. But he's clearly looking forward to having Rich Harden on the pitching staff.

"I think he has the best stuff in the league," Young said about Harden. "I didn't say some of the best stuff. I mean the best stuff I've seen. I think the biggest compliment a hitter can give a pitcher is that he can get you out with a fastball at 90 or 91, just like he can at 97. That's Rich. His fastball has so much life that he can beat you even when the velocity isn't there. And he has a devestating fastball. He's got great ability."

Young is 8-for-31 (.258) in his career against Harden, with one homer, three RBIs, four walks and eight strikeouts.

Young said he was sad to see Millwood depart.

"I wish we would have kept Millwood and brought Rich in," Young said. "Milly was a great teammate and I know what he brought to our clubhouse every day. He will be missed."

Young isn't sure exactly what the Chuck Greenberg-Nolan Ryan group means for the organization.

"I just want a quick resolution and it looks like it's headed that way," Young said.

Young, who has been working out with a handful of players at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington the last month, said the pending sale of the club has not been a huge topic of conversation among players. They did wonder if Nolan Ryan would still be involved depending on what happened.

"We don't have many one-on-one conversations with Nolan, but we all respect what he's done in his career as a player and after," Young said.

Young added that while Ryan has set the tone for the improved pitching staff, it's been an approach embraced by coaches and players throughout the organization.

"You look at a guy like Scott Feldman who went out there this year and showed he can be a great pitcher in this league," Young said. "The pitchers stepped up and everyone worked to get better."

Young is hopeful the trade with Boston for Mike Lowell can get done. The Rangers and Red Sox agreed to the framework of a deal that would send Max Ramirez and $3 million to Boston for Lowell. The Red Sox would pay $9 million of Lowell's salary. Lowell is expected to take a physical for the Rangers later this week.

"I'm a huge Mike Lowell fan," Young said. "I've gotten to know him personally. He can hit, has great hands and he's a pro. The guy has two rings. That's two more than pretty much everybody in our clubhouse. He'd be a great addition to our team."