Hurdle on building a team concept

Rangers hitting coach Clint Hurdle is stressing a team approach to hitting, which he says means allowing everyone to share the load. He was asked how he handles the fact that something seemed to happen to some of the Rangers' hitters as they left the on-deck circle and headed to the batter's box.

"I saw it for two months in Colorado and as soon as I walked out the door, things spun the other way," said Hurdle, referencing how Colorado played better after he left. "I've dealt with failure, I've dealt with underachieving, myself personally, and I've dealt with adversity. I think there are ways you can try to reach out to people and get them to commit to something bigger than themselves.

"That's another important part for me. These guys are connected. The entire offense. No one man has to be the guy. They say hitting is contagious. Not hitting is contagious. Because for every at-bat that the job doesn't get done, the weight gets heavier on the next guy. Before you know it, there' s a gorilla in the dugout and everybody is trying to wrestle with it. We try to lighten the load, share the load. You make everyone accountable and responsible for at-bats. But it's a team."