Baseball Prospectus talks Rangers

A little, anyway. Joe Sheehan chatted about all things baseball and answered a few Rangers questions. Here are some of them:

    Q: GM Draft! Great idea. Who are your top 5, in no order.

    Sheehan: Epstein, Cashman, Beane, Zdur...OK, I have to learn to spell it, sorry.... Five is tough. Daniels or Williams, I guess. All six candidates run AL teams, for whatever that's worth. Best NL GM...there's a discussion.

    Q: Here's the order in which I rank the following young SPs in projected career value -- Tommy Hanson, Rick Porcello, Brett Anderson, Neftali Feliz, Chris Tillman, Matt Latos, Madson Bumgarner. I realize that guessing at career value for young SPs is a crapshoot but do you violently disagree with any aspect of this order?

    Sheehan: I'd have Feliz higher, and I'm not totally convinced the last two belong in this discussion. Porcello might be best, too.

    Q: Rangers in 2010 -- legit playoff contenders, or an also ran watching Seattle and the Angels duke it out?

    Sheehan: I had them arriving in '10. Let's see if they can fix the offense, which was, oddly, their biggest problem last year.

It's an interesting chat, so take a look if you get a chance. Speaking of chats, I'll be hosting one here at 2 p.m., so join me.