Thoughts on Byrd signing with the Cubs

My first thought when I saw that Marlon Byrd got $15 million for three seasons from the Cubs? It's an affordable contract that the Rangers could have matched if it wasn't 2009 and they were in the middle of changing owners.

For a guy that did what Byrd did on the field and off, $5 million a season is reasonable. I would have figured at least $6 million or more. He also got the three years, something the Rangers just weren't in position to do.

This gives Byrd a chance to keep working with Rudy Jaramillo, the former Rangers hitting coach that is now in Chicago. Byrd was an important presence in the Rangers' clubhouse and one that will be missed. He's become a consistent hitter and I'm sure his production will stay at a high level with the Cubs.

The Rangers still have to replace his bat. Jermaine Dye and Vladimir Guerrero are still on the market. We'll see if they can grab one of them.