Daniels pleased with offseason work

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said he was pleased with the offseason his team has had so far, but also wants to see it produce results on the field.

"We had a clear offseason plan," Daniels said. "We had the potential ownership change in the backdrop, but we knew we had a good club and didn't want to sit on our hands and wtach a potential window to win pass. We knew we were going to have to take some risks.

"We wanted to take the right sort of risks and our guys were diligent on getting to the bottom of each option. We feel good about what we were able to do. It has to play out on the field now. As good as it is for our group to be confident, it's more rewarding to hear our players talk about it. They are fired up and believe they can win."

Washington was asked how he felt about the offseason.

"I love it," Washington said. "I think Jon Daniels and Thad Levine and Don Welke and everyone that had anything to do with what we’re starting to put together right now and has done a great job under the circumstances. We’re looking forward to going to spring training and having a very nice 2010. On paper, I think everyone feels the same way, that we're better equipped. We’ll see how it plays out once the game starts. I’m very happy with where we’re headed."