Surprise stuff: Morning clubhouse update

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- We'll have more from the Rangers on Khalil Greene a little later. General manager Jon Daniels is expected to talk about it a little further later today. Stay tuned for that. Other things:

* LHP Derek Holland will have an MRI at 2:30 p.m. local time today. The Rangers may not know any results until Tuesday, however. Holland walked into the clubhouse with his usual smile (and looking like he just woke up) and wasn't limping. He also wasn't wearing a brace, just like yesterday.

* SS Elvis Andrus arrived in camp today and is clearly excited about 2010. If you ask me, maybe the most encouraging thing for the 21-year-old coming off a great rookie campaign is that he talked about all the areas he wants to improve on in 2010. That conversation started with routine ground balls (and the proper throws to first) and not being afraid to be aggressive at times at the plate. More on both of those things later.

* Joaquin Arias knows he's out of options and needs to stick around this season. He hadn't heard anything about Greene, but that may help his chances. "I don't want to play in Oklahoma again," Arias said. "I want to play in the big leagues. It's my time." He said he's 100 percent and the shoulder feels great (he admitted he was about 75 percent last spring). We'll see how he performs in the coming weeks.

* There are dark clouds out here, but so far it isn't raining. The tarp was on one of the back fields, but that doesn't mean the Rangers won't try to get outside and work out. The weather should improve later today and be fine the rest of the week.

* Julio Borbon is also in camp, arriving today.