Camp Chat: Matt Harrison and weight loss

LHP Matt Harrison arrived in Surprise looking slimmer. He lost 30 pounds over the past year, 15 of them during the offseason. And you can tell he's proud of it (rightfully so). Harrison talks about the weight loss here:

Q: Was losing weight something that was discussed with you before the end of the season?

A: Yes. When I came last year, I was 265. I didn’t realize I was that big when I came in for spring training. I started getting real bad shin splints. They said that if you lose some weight it would help. I lost 10 pounds and started getting better. I weigh 235 now, so that’s a big difference. I feel much better.

Q: How did you lose the weight?

A: I stopped eating late. I did more cardio stuff and basically cut out the sweets. That really helped a lot. And from then on, I’ve maintained that.

Q: Was it tough to give up sweets?

A: Oh yeah. I love eating chocolate chip cookies. I had to tell my wife to quit making them. She was making them at 9 o’clock at night and I’d get home and she’d eat one and I’d eat the rest of them.

Q: Anything specific on the workouts?

A: Running longer distances. I go out and run 30 to 45 minutes at a time, two or three times a week and then sprints on the other days. I really focused on more cardio exercises and then some squats and free weights too.