Surprise stuff: Morning clubhouse update

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Besides the news on Derek Holland, who has a mild right knee sprain and is expected to resume baseball activities today (non-throwing for now), here are a few other notes:

* 3B Michael Young arrived in the clubhouse and reiterated how excited he is about the season, saying the club "expects" to win, rather than "hoping" to win. He was out early throwing the ball with Ian Kinsler and both seemed to be having a good time.

* DH Vlad Guerrero is not here yet, but is expected to be here in time for Wednesday's first full squad workout. Manager Ron Washington talked this morning about Guerrero's impact on the lineup, saying he isn't worried about Guerrero's swing-and-miss rate or the fact that he sees so few pitches. "He can do more damage than most," Washington said. "We didn't get him for his on-base percentage. He'll make an impact." The question, of course, will be keeping him healthy. Washington thinks it's realistic for him to play 150 games.

* Washington said he wants Julio Borbon to hit leadoff against both righties and lefties. If he doesn't hit against lefties, he'll move Ian Kinsler to leadoff and insert David Murphy in the lineup (Josh Hamilton would move to center in that case). Murphy might bat fifth, but so could Nelson Cruz in that scenario. Washington said he doesn't mind playing Murphy against a lefty (even though he'd sit the left-handed Borbon) because of his experience. I'll have more on the offense and Young a little later today.

* Washington said he'd also allow Guerrero to play some in right field, but he'll pick his spots. If he does that, he will not move Cruz to left field, saying Cruz wasn't comfortable over there. He'd either sit Cruz or make him the DH. He could also allow other players to be the DH when Guerrero plays right field.