Does this close the door on Greene?

I got a few emails asking that question. No, not completely. It may seem that the Rangers' decision to void the contract of Khalil Greene means he will never end up with Texas. And that's certainly possible.

But general manager Jon Daniels left the door open for Greene, saying the club will stay in touch and address the situation if and when Greene says he's ready to play baseball again.

Voiding the contract means the Rangers save the $750,000 they were going to pay Greene and open up a spot on the 40-man roster, which could prove helpful when they have to make some decisions later in spring training. Even if they stay internal for a replacement for Greene (at this point that seems likely), it won't be someone who has the experience at the infield positions like Greene does. In fact, he was going to work some at first base so that he could play any of the infield positions if necessary.

The bottom line: He's not a part of the club right now, period. The organization felt voiding the contract was a smarter alternative than putting him on the restricted list.